borns in 2014 from Alessandra Ventrella (1990) and Rocco Manfredi (1991), both graduated at National Academy Paolo Grassi in Milan in 2013.

The relations between human and non-human, animated and inanimate, reality and magic, real and illusory are the main topics explored.

Their first show is “The Death cheers Barbie”, a travelling home-made theatre for puppets, actors and objects (Finalist show at Gianni Damiano Award for street theatre 2015). In 2015 they create “Homologia” (Special Prize Scenario Award 2015 and Finalist show at In-Box Award 2017).

After that they realize with the Teatro delle Briciole (Parme) the site-specific performance “Praise the dummy” for Insolito Festival 2015 and the travelling show “What are fireflies” for Insolito Festival 2016.

In 2017 DispensaBarzotti create “Victor – Loosely based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley(Jury’s Prize | Direction Under 30, Strabismi award 2017, Casa con vista Fringe award 2017 | Turin Fringe Festival, Best Show 2018 | Small Season Festival 2018, Sofia, BG)

From 2015 the company realize theatrical workshop for adult and children.

Thanks to the Rocco’s collaboration with the circus festival Tutti Matti per Colorno (Colorno – Italy) oganised by the Cie TeatroNecessario he feeds the interest for contemporary circus and puppet theatre. In 2014/2015 Rocco frequents Asanisimasa, a series of workshops on the main contemporary puppets’ techniques with Cie RiservaCanini. In 2018 Alessandra Alessandra frequents the advance training “Magie Nouvelle” at CNAC – Centre National des Arts du Cirque – Châlons-en-Champagne,France. Alessandra and Rocco also frequents togheter the stage in Magie Nouvelle for art director and technicians at ENSATT (École Nationale Supérieur des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre) – Lyon, France.

DispensaBarzotti works with the actress Consuelo Ghiretti, the performer Francesco Napoli and the dramaturg Riccardo Calabrò.

Our pantry is dispersed in a seabed

Far away, in a silent place.

Our pantry is abandoned and forgotten.

It belonged to an ancient ship and guarded the nourishment of the sailors.

In this place, impossible things happen.

Sometimes, here, wonderful finds and fossils emerge.

Sometimes ruins.

They often appear for a moment only

and then come back

in the dark backdrop where these items live together with mythological creatures …

Our images are here, in this imaginary place, where we dive to slip outside of our reality and live, for one time, in the inexhaustible secret that is the mystery.

The poets arrives
and then returns to the light with his songs
and disperse them

Of this poem
I remain
That nothing
of inexhaustible secret

G.Ungaretti,  “The buried port”

There is not a single word of our language that we known. It is the language in which silent things, unspeakable things and indefinable things speak to us. It is the voice of magic and we try to transform it into a theatrical form that is at the base of our writing, composition of images. We dig into the places where are buried the things that never happened, but its are always. All that is prior to every memory. Sometimes we see fleeting traces, sometimes we seem to find something and so, the limits of our reality vanish for a few moments. In fact, magic blurs the boundaries between possible and impossible; it starts from the real, starts live, in front of the eyes of the spectator, but it is an attempt to go further. We invite you to gaze unfinished images; we invite you to take on board our visions, to complete them, to multiply the senses we have imagined.

As underwater archaeologists, we can only look for ruins and artifacts in that seabed that hides our memories in the immense depths of its abyss. And try to bring the fossils back to light for a moment, to rebuild them, to give back them that old dignity and that silent pride. Just for a moment.