Consuelo Ghiretti

09/07/1980, Parma

Actress, narratorm theatre educator.

She has a degree in Educational Sciences at University of Bologna. Successively she has a master in theatre therapy at the Theatre therapy devolopment school in Milan. Her theatrical studies start at Lenz Rifrazioni and Teatro delle Briciole, both in Parma. Now she goes on to study trought different theatrical experiences. From 2006 to 2012 Consuelo works with Manuela Capece and Davide Doro in the company RODISIO: “Il Lupo e la Capra” (Zona Franca Festival 2006, Eolo Award 2007 for the best national theatre show for children), “L’Inverno – la storia d’amore di Caterina e Ivo” (2009), “La Festa. Chi prenderà la pistola?” (2012) and “Cappuccetto Rosso” (2011). With the show “Storia di una famiglia e delle cose di ogni giorno”(2007-2012) ( Volterrateatro Festival 2007, Zona Franca Festival 2008, Tiba Festival Award – best show in Belgrad, 2008, Festebà award 2008) she takes part at national and international festivals: Danmark, Croatia, Russia, Ireland, Belgium, France, England, Greece, Spain, Scotland, Lithuania, Japan and United States). With RODISIO, Consuelo realized theatrical workshops for children in Italy, France, Belgium, England and Japan. Actually Consuelo collaborates with differents artists to create narrative’s performances for children (0/5 years). In 2014 she leads the theatrical project “Una Bugia (una)” in collaboration with the vocal performer Sara Loreni. In the same year she takes part at Puerilia 2014 festival with the show “La terra dei Lombrichi, direction Chiara Guidi. From 2015 is an actor of the show “Il sogno di Alice”, production Teatro Era- National theatre of Tuscany. Consuelo works regularly with Silvia Bertoni (Ubu Award 2014 for the set-up of “Santo Genet Commediante e Martire”, director Armando Punzo). They realize togheter theatrical projects for children. In 2016 founds OFFICINA CULTURA: a working group composed by different identities operating in Parma to plan and achieve cultural opportunities for chilhood. With the actress Francesca Grisenti, Consuelo creates the company “Progetto g.g”. In 2017 they build up their firt show “VALENTINA VUOLE”: a little storytelling for actress and puppets.