Francesco Napoli

24/02/1984, Salerno


After the dancer degree at Nation Academy Paolo Grassi in Milan, Francesco Napoli goes on to study with Marcela Serli, Claudio Morganti, Michele Di Stefano, Deflorian/Tagliarini and Paola Lattanzi. As performer he worked in powerful events (TorinoDanza, BiennaleDanza, Short Theatre, Vetrina XL Young Dance Hub and Danae Festival), artistic events (Fault Lines, retrospective of Allora/Calzadilla promoted by Nicola Trussardi Foundation) and fashion events as Borderline project by Virginia von zu Furstenberg/ Dancecross for fashion art and design. He works in balance between physical and words’ expressiveness to research an own identity inside of the big horizon of the contemporary art. At he same time he wants to break the rules for discover a personal drammaturgy that connects his study/interests/passions: architecture, cinema and contemporary art. Thank to the latest experiences with Chiara Caterina, in 2015 Francesco and her found the Bonvoyage Collective. They question themselves about the border’s idea among genres through videos, performances and art installations. Their main spring is the musically and narrative context in the mechanical landscape where they live. In 2011 Francesco is one of the founders of FAP (Aurelio Petroni Foundation): a contemporary art residency to promote emerging and experimental artists. In 2016 he frequents “Ecole des Maitres” with the collective Transquinquennal. As performer he collaborate with Francesco Marilungo (Milan), Company OHT – Office for a Human Theatre (Rovereto) and DispensaBarzotti (Parma).