Rocco Manfredi

28/04/1991, Parma


Rocco Manfredi approaches theatre in Parma when he was sixteen. He frequents acting courses with Company EraQuario, Gigi Tapella, eUROPA tEATRI, Mauro Sarina and Silvio Mezzadri (company Mirandola). In 2013 he is graduated in drammaturgy at the National Academy Paolo Grassi in Milan. In 2014 he frequeted the “Piccola Accademia” for actors at Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani ONLUS in Turin. As actor he studied with Teatrino Giullare, Milena Costanzo, Familie Flöz, and the company Riserva Canini (he frequents “Cantiere Canini” a series of workshops on the main contemporary puppets’ techniques). In 2017 he attends the actors master “Maestrale” organized by Piccola Compagnia della Magnolia. He studied with D.Donnellan e N.Ormerod, J.J.Lemetre (Théâtre du Soleil), Piccola Compagnia della Magnolia, Pan Théâtre, Oskaras Korsunovas and Gabriele Vacis. As dramaturg he worked with Manuel Renga, Roberto Rustioni and the company Deflorian/Tagliarini. As actor he worked with Beatrice Baruffini, Teatro del Cerchio, Cal.Arts- California Institute of Arts, Compagnie Clandestine, Théâtre de Cuisine, Teatro Regio in Parma and Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with the circus and street theatre festival “Tutti Matti per Colorno” he feeds the interest for contemporary circuz and street theatre. From 2015 he realizes theatrical research workshops for adults and children. He has collaborated with Teatro delle Briciole, Teatro Sociale Gualtieri, eUROPA tTEATRI and Teatro alla Corte di Giarola (ass. UOT_Unità di Organizzazione Teatrale). With Alessandra Ventrella, he founds the company DispensaBarzotti in 2014. Actually he lives in Parma.