Special Prize Scenario Award 2015
Finalist project In-Box Award 2017

by Alessandra Ventrella, Rocco Manfredi, Riccardo Reina
director Alessandra Ventrella
cast Rocco Manfredi e Francesco Napoli
light design Emiliano Curà
sound design Dario Andreoli
artistic residencies UOT Teatro alla Corte di Giarola, Teatro delle Briciole

In 2008 the anthropologist Daniel Miller published “The Comfort of Thing”. He leads us into closed doors too thirty people who live in a street of modern London, showing their intimate lives. He creates a gallery of portraits and George is the subject of the first one entitles “Empty”. George is a seventy-five-year-old man whose flat is strinkingly devoid of material objects and whose life is likewise unfulfilled. Miller adds that he often encountered horror and tragedy in the interior of people’s lives during his time on the street, but “it was particularly after meeting George that we ourselves in teas outside his flat”.


An eternal silence punctuated by habit. An old man, alone, in the vacuum, in constant drowsiness. There is a sort of mechanical device that push him to act perpetually. He drags himself in the hallways of a empty house to return to the same armchair. The only social connections are television’s bunks or the newspaper’s columns. But today is not a normal day however he doesn’t remind. Another image of himself seems come alive and awake this numb body. The light burst into the house, shadows multiply and the line between facts and immagination become fine. The mechanical device of this endless life starts to fall apart and it reveal in truth.

Can we knock out it?

Welcome to Homologia.

Homologia is both <<studio of man>> and <<studio of what is identical>>, A telescopic vision applied to human in the effort to produce a detailed analysis, A big illusion, An impossible birthday party animated by hundreads of abortive attempts, so much doors that leads a suprise-filled rooms, forgotten mirrors and ladders that bring us into the abyss.

“A young company, pure and fresh, that shares values and perspective and develops an unpredicted language (still linked to theatrical tradition) telling the story of a solitary old man in an urban landscape with a poetical and visionary approach, playing on the idea of the doppelganger. It faces the challenges of silent theatre, calling back Beckett, Pinter and Kantor, to offer a new possible way to contemporary puppet theatre. It merges a delicate epiphany and a modest awareness of a work still in progress.
Scenario Award 2015, Jury’s comment

[…]With the purity of a young eye toward tradition, DispensaBarzotti created the small cosmology of a simple human universe, at the same time with no time and immersed into the contemporary time, which is able to dreamily transform the sadness into a call to the illusion.
Francesca Di Fazio for PAC – Pane Acqua Culture

[…] Precise time, strict, timely and net changes, all calibrated, big and clean handicrafts despite the young age of the duo that have brought us in the magical atmospheres created with art and experience by Slava.
Tommaso Chimenti Bencini for Il Fatto Quotidiano