Wonder Project

Researching what is everywhere invisible


San Cipriano Picentino – FAP Aurelio Petroni Foundation (Italy)

Carrozzerie N.O.T – Rome (Italy)

To shoot an invisible word

Wonder project is a space where you can rethink some special events not classified in your daily ilfe. The project starts form the anthropological studies of Marcel Mauss, Claude Lèvi-Strauss, Ernesto De Martino, Jorges Luis Borges and others. These researchers have investigated how a symbolic and magical system is still alive and how it can affects our modern and contemporary society. Thanks to a fieldwork we can change these studies into experience, meeting persons and descover the places where we live and work for different periods.

In 2018 DispensaBarzotti starts this evolving project during its artistc summer residenciesin Italy (San Cipriano Picentino and Rome) . We have interviewed the local communities asking them “what is magic?”. Into a room – a space with a little warm light – we have collected the precious memories of the persons of all ages that we’ve met. Into this space you can be alone or accompanied by the company and there is a question: “have you ever lived a magical eperience?” And there is a recorder, a wooden table and a large book – “write a title of your magical experience” tell the cover.

Until today we have raised love stories, little poetical events into the everyday life or big miracles: omens, presences, visions, surrealistic and unrealistic moments into our reality. “I don’t trust in this facts, BUT…” we have frequently heard this justification. But this sentence hids a beatiful paradox: claim to believe and don’t believe at the same time. We have discovered a very strong mystery dimension into person’s intimacy.

The intimate landscapes

Few topics lead our artistic choises: try to awake wonder and amazement, charm and mystery into audience. We try each time to make the magic happens with the pubblic. In the history, lot of magical acts started from the ritual magic, so we don’t search only gimmicks or effects, but the specific atmosphere that moves among possible and impossible, immagination and reality, human and not human, life and death. Wonder project is helpful to set a border where the impossible and immagination can be experienced in our life. How and where the magic could happen? How we can perceived it? We want to create a new “reality” on stage and not a talk about real, magic, wonder and other…so we have to descover the thin line between real and illusion into mind and word. Find and rethink an artistc language about ourself and our unconsciousness with the aim to for a breath into the intimate landscapes.