Wonder Project

The project is part of:

CROSSING THE SEA Networking and exchange between Italy and MENA / Asia / Oceania / South America

The network aims to develop exchange between Italian and Asian artists and structures. The program supports and organizes the realization of training projects and transmission carried by the selected artists promoting exchange and international collaboration. The project is supported by Boarding Pass Plus.



A question was asked of participants:
“Have you ever had a magical experience?”

The audience goes to a room, or to the foyer of a theatre, or to a small square or to a courtyard, in any case an intimate place, with a warm light, of low intensity… Dozens of little stories float on paper. On a wooden table, a recorder, and a book.

Give your magical experience a title,says the cover.

The audience is invited to tell a magical experience, record their own voice and leave a title of their story on a page of the book.
In exchange for their own story, people receive the title generated by another person’s story, chosen from among those available, with the sole criterion of following the suggestion, choosing a title by perhaps imagining yet another story…

The experiment can be done alone or in the presence of company members.

So far, we have collected love stories, anecdotes about the small poetic events of life and great miracles; stories of premonition, dreams, presences, visions and moments of surrealism and unreality that penetrate reality.


Jusqu’ici ont été recueillis des histoires d’amour, des anecdotes sur les petits événements poétiques de la vie et sur des grands miracles ; des récits de prémonition, de rêves, de présences, des visions et des instants de surréalité et d’irréalité qui pénètrent la réalité.