Nello spettacolo dal vivo, impariamo ogni volta che lo facciamoLife performance is a learning experience.

We learn this “game” mostly through making mistakes. We go through tests and errors, always believing that we play a wonderful game with others and tell stories to each other to stay alive.

In the last lines of his book “The night battles”, historian Carlo Ginzburg puts forward a bold and convincing hypothesis: the matrix of all possible stories would be to go to another world and come back from it. This is what happens to us when we immerse ourselves in the creation of a show: we have to create another reality, a universe with its own special rules. Writing is an area of extreme freedom, there is nothing which is not possible or achievable… but in a world where everything is possible, what is still needed?

The workshops we offer are centered on bodies, writing and new magic.

What fireflies are – site specific project by DispensaBarzotti (2017) – photo : Lorenzo Vannuccini

Artistic practice around the magic dedicated to the YOUNG AUDIENCE

A workshop on magic and wonder:

“So what’s the deal?” Magic stimulates thought, fantasies and hones the imagination. Magic does not provide simple answers, but it does raise questions. It is activating stimulation”, as psychoanalyst Erich Fromm would say.

But what is magic? What is a secret?
When and why share it?
What is it about being a magician?
Can we become magicians?

And also:

“What does “wonderful” mean?”
What is the opposite of “wonderful”?

Can wonder be scary?

The workshop I propose aims to create a group of children working around magic and putting in action many areas of the circus, including its writing. From the very first encounter, I will explore and try to understand the image that children have of the figure of the magician.

What can never miss in a. e magician’s suitcase?
Is the magician still wearing a hat?
And he/she must have a magic wand?
And …. What happens when a magic trick goes wrong…?

Thanks to the children, we will challenge our preconceived notions of the magician and, together, we will create original scenes: a magic “vade-mecum” on how to become a magician.

A theatrical workshop about the dream dedicated to ADULTS.

A workshop on the dream, more precisely on the dream as magical space:

How does this place work?
What are its own rules?

For example: why things appear and disappear? Why am I able to fly? Why can I fall into the void? Why can’t I swim anymore? Why is time so weird? Why all appear perfectly coherent and yet very absurd and all at the same time? Why does it feel like the images are getting so loud? And why do words often seem not to be very important? Why do we remember certain details? Why can’t we remember at all?

Comment je peux représenter cette espace ?
How can I represent this “place”?
How can I convey the emotion or feeling that I felt during?

The proposed workshop aims to create a working group around magic that puts into action several areas of theater and circus, in particular writing, actor’s direction and staging.
Extraordinary experiences on a daily basis, it is surely no coincidence that some peoples consider dreams as true journeys of the soul… dreams are real containers for magical, surrealistic or impressive stories. A living, theatrical material that you can play with.
Writing is a zone of extreme freedom, there is nothing that is not possible or achievable. Directing and interpreting represent the great challenge of making tangible what the imagination has invented.

Together, we will create original scenes: physical theater, objects, light, music, magic and time will be our game tools.

The Barnard Loop – written and directed by DispensaBarzotti (2021) – photo : Francesco Cibati